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The Porsche Club of America is comprised of over 140 Regions across North America.

These Regions are broken down into 13 Zones. 


Zone 1 is made up of 17 Regions within the north-eastern portion of North America. As of March 2016, Zone 1 has 14,439 members and is the largest Zone, representing 20% of PCA’s 68,000 primary members. Please visit “The Regions” page to learn more about each Region.


Entirely made up of volunteers, the Zone 1 teams consists of the Zone 1 Representative, Treasurer, Secretary and multiple chairs (ex: Autocross, Chief Instructor, Club Race, Concours, Driver’s Education, Legal Advisor, Rally, Safety, Sponsorship).


Zone 1 puts on 5 major events per year:


A Rally and Concours d’Elegance weekend which moves around the zone and has historically taken place in the more populous regions: NNJR, Metro New York or CVR. 


PCA Club Race : The Clash at Watkins Glen, late May–early June, part of the PCA Club Racing circuit.


A DE event: 48 Hours at The Glen in mid-late June where participants have their own instructor (if needed) and over 3 hours of track time to enhance their driving skills. This event is extremely competitively priced when compared to other Driver Education events hosted by other PCA Regions and Zones. This event also includes the National Instructor Training Program which takes place on the Friday of that weekend.


An Autocross weekend with movable dates so as not to coincide with other Regional or National events takes place later in the Summer. The location varies and tends to be disused airports, large parking lots or similar venues.


The newest event, the Zone 1 Weekend. A purely social event that invites members from all Regions to attend and enjoy each others company and mutual interest in Porsche.


All events hosted by Zone 1 are run according to the Parade Competition Rules and “safety first” is the guiding principle.


These events are all over and above the many events put on by the 18 Regions within Zone 1 and those put on by the PCA National organization.  The National events such as Parade, Escape, Tech Tactics and many others, are events not to be missed.  Be sure to check out PCA.ORG for the complete list of events. 


If you are interested in becoming part of the Zone 1 team or volunteering at a Zone 1 event, please contact the Zone 1 Representative, Pete Tremper, at tremper9146@aol.com

Upcoming 2016 Events:
Rally and Concours
May 13-15, 2016
48 Hours Drivers Education
May 20-22, 2016
The Clash At The Glen
June 3-5, 2016
Zone 1 Autocross

Zone 1

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