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The Porsche Club of America is the largest single marque car club in the world and is a volunteer-led non-profit organization with 145 local Regions (chapters) grouped into 14 Zones covering the USA and Canada. Members join the parent organization, PCA, but are affiliated to the local Region in which they live. This enables them to participate locally in their own Region’s events and activities. However, as a PCA member, they are welcome to attend any PCA events whether nationally organized (e.g. Porsche Parade, Treffen), or run by any Zone or Region on the continent.


Zone 1 includes 17 PCA Regions in the North East USA and Eastern Canada.

























As of January 2020, Zone 1 had 16,300 primary members and is the largest Zone, representing nearly 20% of PCA’s 86,000 primary members. Please visit “The Regions” page to learn more about each Region.

















































The Zone 1 volunteer leadership team comprises:


Zone 1 Representative                       Mike Bryan                  zone1rep@pca.org  

Treasurer                                              Joyce Gladle

Secretary                                              Cindy Cristello

Autocross Chair                                  Dan Fishkind

Club Race Co-Chairs                           Jim Morgan, Pete Tremper

Concours & Rally Co-Chair                Jeff McFadyen

Driver’s Education Co-Chairs           Lou Dauerer, Rico Diaz

Getaway Weekend Tour Chair         Chris Klapper


Zone 1 Events

The Zone 1 Event Chairs work with volunteers from the local region and beyond to put on five major Zone 1 events per year:


  •  Driver Education event: 48 Hours at The Glen in mid-June. Participants have their own instructor (if needed) and over 3 hours of track time to enhance their driving skills. This event also includes the National Instructor Training Program which takes place on the Friday of that weekend.


  • PCA Club Race: “Clash at the Glen”:  The largest PCA Club Race on the PCA Club Racing circuit. It takes places in early June at storied Watkins Glen track in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.  


  • Rally and Concours d’Elegance weekend: This moves around the zone and has historically taken place in the more populous Regions: Northern New Jersey, Metro New York and Connecticut Valley. 


  • Autocross weekend with movable dates so as not to coincide with other Regional or National events, but usually in September. Devens Airfield in Ayer, MA provides a hard-to-beat venue with its excellent 0.8 mile course set-up, but other locations within Zone 1 may be used from time to time.


  • Getaway Tour weekend. A wonderful driving/social event that draws members from all Regions to enjoy first class accommodations, dining, interesting venues and each others’ company.


All events hosted by Zone 1 are run according to the Parade Competition Rules and “safety first” is the guiding principle. Go to the “Events” page for details of this year’s events.


These Zone 1 events are in addition to the hundreds of events put on by the 17 Regions within Zone 1 and those put on by the PCA National organization.  The National events such as Parade, Tech Tactics and many others, are not to be missed.  Be sure to check out www.pca.org for the complete list of events. 


If you are interested in becoming part of the Zone 1 team or volunteering at a Zone 1 event, please contact Zone 1 Representative, Mike Bryan, at zone1rep@pca.org .

Porsche Club of America Zone Map
2020 Events:
The Clash At The Glen
May 29-31 at Watkins Glen International Raceway
Zone 1 48 Hours at the Glen Drivers Education
June 12-14 at Watkins Glen International Raceway
Zone 1 Gimmick Rally and Concours d'Elegance
Niagara Falls, Ontario September 5-6
Zone 1 Autocross
Devens Airfield, Ayer, MA September 11-13
Look out for more information 
and registration details.
Zone 1 & 2 Boardwalk Reunion
Ocean City, NJ
October 17
Look out for more information and registration details.

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