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Why Join the Porsche Club of America (PCA)?

Welcome to the Porsche Club of America (PCA), and to the page where you can learn about the club, the benefits of membership and how to join.


PCA is the largest single marque car club in the world and is a volunteer-led non-profit organization with 144 local chapters called “Regions” grouped into 14 Zones throughout the USA and Canada. Members join the parent organization, PCA, but are affiliated to the local Region in which they live. This enables them to participate locally in their own Region’s events and activities. However, as a PCA member, they are welcome to attend any PCA events, whether nationally organized (e.g. Porsche Parade, Treffen), or run by any Zone or Region on the continent.


This is the web site of the PCA’s Zone 1 which comprises 17 Regions in the North East USA and Eastern Canada. PCA is a thriving, active club with over 80,000 members, of which nearly 16,000 are in Zone 1.


What are the benefits of joining PCA?

If you drive a Porsche or are considering an acquisition, you will know that it’s a pretty exciting and special event. Whether yours is a two-door or four-door sports car, you’ll appreciate the driving experience and the quality of your Porsche, but you should also be aware of the new opportunities it can open up for you to increase enjoyment of your Porsche experience. These opportunities are to be found by joining the Porsche Club of America and being affiliated to your local region. We recognize the wide range of different interests and time availability of our members, so our activities reflect this. A lot of club events are primarily social and enjoyed by couples, families and individuals alike. Others are designed to develop our driving skills and help us enjoy our Porsches to the full. Here’s an outline of the kind of regular events that might fill your local PCA region’s calendar:


Regular Socials or Cars & Coffee Events        

A great way to break the ice and meet other members in an informal social setting. Whether your interest is purely social or you’re curious to learn more about Porsches, Porsche history or other club events, this is a great way to meet and enjoy the company of new friends.


Driving Tours

Meet up with other club members for planned drives through your region’s beautiful countryside with scheduled stops for coffee and lunch. So simple – just register, show up and have fun. If you like the idea of a bit of competition, you may want to consider driving in rallies, too.


Driver Education         

If you want to learn how to get the best from your Porsche while improving your driving skills, then take a look at PCA’s Driver Education program. They are usually two-day events run at local tracks where you’ll be safe in the hands of our highly skilled instructors as you develop your skills and really get to enjoy your Porsche.



Another way to improve your driving skills is to spend a morning developing control and balance as you weave through various configurations of cones. Great fun and quite addictive.


Monthly Magazines & Newsletters    

Lots of interesting and useful Information, pictures and stories in your monthly PCA “Panorama”, from head office and your own region’s regular newsletter.


Web Sites                    

Visit your own region’s web site for up to date news, information and classified ads. See also our parent organization, PCA’s web site,, where you can learn what’s going on across N America, and of course, this web site as a link to all that’s happening in NE USA and Eastern Canada.


Other events include Concours d’Elegance, Ski Days, Family Picnics, Tech Sessions and banquets, as well as community support and charitable activities. As we said, something for everyone.


As much as we enjoy the sight of a parking lot full of beautiful Porsches, and as much as our common interest is based on ownership of a Porsche, we stand by our motto, “It’s not just the cars – it’s the people”. So we invite you to open the door to new experiences and fun with the friendly individuals and couples of all age groups and backgrounds that comprise our membership.


How to join PCA

It’s easy to join. The Porsche Club of America is open to anyone over 18 who owns or leases a Porsche. All you need is your Porsche’s VIN and a credit card to pay the $46 membership dues. Then just click here ( )  to go to the Membership Application page on the Porsche Club of America’s National web site.


Give it a try. You’ll get so much more from your Porsche experience.


If you’re considering acquiring a Porsche, you may take a six-month Test Drive membership. 

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